Metre Lenghts /Euro Payment


At the moment on our site we sell our fabrics by the yard, mostly due to the fact that most of our fabrics are sold to us  by the yard. But we realise that shoppers in the UK like to shop in meters / metric .. Is that you?.. If so simply contact  pop in the commments box at the end of  your transaction that you would prefer metres and  I can cut it as so. If you have no idea what I am talking about checkout this chart here .


See something you fancy but would rather pay in Euros ? not a problem at all , simply email me over your order ( a simple screen shot or a copy and pasted list) to [email protected] with your order. I will calculate the fabric and postage costs at the currency exchange rate and get back to you Details can be found here. If you have any other queries at all please dont hesitate to contact me.



This codes are not to be used with fabrics that have already being discounted - thank you.

5% discount on orders over £100.00 -using code -CFF5%

10% Discount on orders over £150.00- using code CFF10%

12% Discount on orders £200.00 using code -CFF12%

15% on orders over £250.00 using code -CFF15%